Contemporary Jewelry inspired by the perpetual exploration of new and unknown landscapes.


AEO collections

Each AEO collection tells a story of a new understanding + place.

Walk The Land

The Walk the Land collection was inspired by my time in the interior west.

It was a very quiet time in my life that felt isolating so I started taking daily walks in the sagebrush hills and found a deep peace in those walks, a groundedness. I felt such a profound connection to the land beneath me. I grew up in a small town in the foothills of the high desert so this land felt like home but had never experience a relationship with land like this before. 

Walking the land became my most powerful spiritual practice and pathway to self. I am forever grateful for those sage hills.

East to West

The East to West collection is inspired by my move from the dense East Coast to the open vast lands of the West.

These pieces hold the energy of process. The process of letting go of the comfortable + known to embrace the vast + overwhelming unknown.

The process of allowing myself to sit in silence and go on long isolating hikes in the foothills, there is so much richness in the journey within.


The Idaho collection was inspired by the time living in the gem state.

It shocked me with it’s bold + subtle beauty.

It’s vast open lands + isolating ways.

It’s untamed flash mountain storms - the vulnerability to living according to nature.


The Exposed||Vulnerable collection was inspired during a time when I was travelling around the US and without a physical home. The pieces are made with no home - an energy of being recharged and lost - completely human.

These pieces are truth-tellers, reminders that we are all on this rugged + beautiful path. They hold community and healing in the universal truth - we are all seeking.



The Reverence collection is inspired by my time living in a sleepy mountain town in the West.

There is a false sense of power that can be felt living in the city and moving out onto the land I found a vulnerability and a deep reverence for the wild untamed ways of the seasons + land + animals.


The Abundance collection was inspired by the symbolism of the serpent. I've had dreams of serpents for years - at first they frightened me but then I realized the power they held - the guidance they gave me.

Serpents are a sign of rebirth/transition/abundance. The wares of this collection are a reminder that we are brand new in every moment, constantly evolving into our truest self.