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Organic Lip Balm

Organic Lip Balm



This is a creamy lip balm comes in 3 options: 


beeswax - a classic unscented balm.


peppermint - Made with coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax - the coconut oil hydrates your lips, the shea butter gives that silky smooth feeling and the beeswax give it body and lasting power! 


I've been making this recipe for myself and friends for several years and it's a favorite of everyone.



I have been a health educator for over 10 years and have attended many natural medicine trainings in South America and Africa from these experiences I began making natural body products for myself, family and friends and have seen it as a way to nourish our bodies and encourages ourselves to take charge of our own health. 



Mixed, melted and poured by me and made with the highest quality of organic ingredients. 


//100% Organic\\



0.25 oz tube

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