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Organic Rose Infused Lip Tint

Organic Rose Infused Lip Tint


This is a glossy lip tint. Made with rose infused apricot kernel oil, alkanet root, shea butter and beeswax - the apricot kernel oil hydrates and shines your lips, the alkanet root gives that earthy warm pink hue, the shea butter is a deep moisturizer and the beeswax gives it body and lasting power!! 

I have been a health educator for over 10 years and have attended many natural medicine trainings in South America and Africa from these experiences I began making natural body products for myself, family and friends and have seen it as a way to nourish our bodies and encourages ourselves to take charge of our own health. 

Mixed, melted and poured by me and made with the highest quality of organic ingredients. 

//100% Organic\\

0.25 oz tube

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